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        In March 2011, UK born Benji Moreira was having a difficult time integrating in his new home Buenos Aires, Argentina. Observing the great difficulty to befriend local Argentines despite their enthusiastically friendly nature towards foreigners, a prevalent problem for international residents in the city was identified; A social convention was needed to bridge the gap between locals and internationals. The first event was organised on July 7th with the aim of offering Argentines an opportunity to practice foreign languages and internationals a chance to befriend the local Argentines and practice Spanish.

        When the events started to receive upwards of 50 people per week the flag system was devised a way to allow participants to find their language-match without the direct help of the host.

        The format soon proved popular and in 2014 it was decided to export the ‘buena onda’ to new cities starting with Cologne, London, Montreal and soon after Melbourne. Today Mundo Lingo continues to spread having arrived to 15 cities in 13 countries over 5 continents. We intend to keep growing so that wherever you travel you can start meeting locals as soon as you land.